Dammy Krane Cleared Of All Fraud Charges, Now A Free Man


Nigerian singer Dammy Krane has been cleared of all fraud charges by a court in Miami, US.

He was arrested in June for allegedly booking a private jet service with stolen credit card details.

The singer made the announcement on Twitter on Thursday.

Dammy Krane was arrested alongside Ilochukwu Gabriel and was detained at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center before making bail.

The singer took to Twitter to thank those who stood by him while the case lasted.

He wrote: “Sometimes life puts you through trials and tribulations, not to bring you down but to make you stronger. It will also show you who is truly with you, who really cares.

“Case closed. I’m a free man. Let’s get back to the music. One love. Back in the studio! New music on the way.



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